Hi, there.

My name is Ankit Raj Gupta. I am a Toronto based UX Designer who loves to code and can create aesthetically pleasing and functional digital products.


Pricing Engine user interface

Pricing Engine

Project domain - Forex and Remittance
  • Worked on the Pricing Engine, which is one of the core business modules, where treasury members manage currencies and their values. It's a robust and mission-critical system that affect business globally.
  • Played a crucial part in communicating with various stakeholders and understanding their challenges with the existing system
  • My role involved research, ideation and prototyping. I presented various design solutions to improve the user experience.
  • Helped business stakeholders to visualize complex data and dashboards.
Collateral Assessment user interface

OakNorth Bank

Project domain - Fintech, Banking
  • Worked on an AI-based collateral assessment tool that provides real estate assessment for loan collaterals based on historical transactions.
  • Visualized user interactions to perform data analysis by credit teams.
  • I did data visualization using C3, Airbnb's Superset and Microsoft Power Bi.
  • Designed their onboarding process for new customers.

Generative Art

Generative Art screenshot

Getting lost in a creative flow is a blissful experience. You start with some abstract ideas and later discover an entirely new world.

My artistic side naturally found appreciation for generative art, where you create your piece of art using codes. Currently, I'm exploring p5.js library.

Photography & Filmmaking