Ankit My name is Ankit Raj Gupta. I am a Toronto based UX Designer. I design and code user experiences for web and mobile devices. I have almost four years of experience in designing, ideating and prototyping digital products. I find executing my ideas by coding user interfaces to be a hugely rewarding exercise, which also allows me to communicate my process with the development team far more effectively.

Some of the highlights of my professional journey -
  • Hands-on experience with all stages of application design and development.
  • While working with Xebia IT Architects, I played a crucial role in communicating with various stakeholders and attended multiple workshops. I also conducted interviews to understand their Forex and Remittance business model and the challenges they were facing.
  • At OakNorth, I worked with a team of data scientists, and my role involved creating user interfaces and data visualization for them.
  • I also worked with small startups where I occupied an overlapping role involving UI design and front-end development.
Competencies -
  • User Experience Design
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • Web Technologies - JavaScript, HTML, CSS (currently learning Vue.js and Node.js)
Tools I use -
  • Mostly paper and pencil
  • Adobe XD for wireframes and quick prototypes
  • Zeplin to share the design with developers
  • JavaScript, HTML for complex prototypes
  • P5 for my creative leisure